Chapter Complete:

It takes more than realization to continue life after a love you had has ended.

Well that’s what I was thinking.

But the strangest thing is “love never dies”. Does letting go warrant love to stop? Is there ever pure happiness we feel when we realize we weren’t the One but was just a mere option…

Thoughts I hate to think.

But It’s true you must realize the present but also acknowledge the past for just what it was. The only thing in life we should be able to explain is what love means to Us. Because although it will be poked at, pulled, confusing, and interpreted many a ways, how we remember will just be so.

Just as it was for us to fall in, it was just for us to fall out. Stages of life, stairs of love and mementos to carry. No love will die, it teaches and transfer. What will make an impact to mend hearts that are damaged? Be over with that chapter, because once your stairs come to an end and that Stage is complete, those mementos become who you are and what you choose for yourself.

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