Don’t Spill

who would have thought that so much effort goes unnoticed.

that running a 10 mil race and tripping just moments before the finish line would cost you everything.

a world with so much freedom to express one self can in chance be so stereotypical.

and then we wonder why there is suicide, self pity and insecurities.

it’s not easy to know the flaw and fix it with so few moments left.

it’s overrated to think we are perfect, and underrated to feel we are our mistakes.

a flaw, a mistake, the wrong phrase, a misinterpreted thought, that one thing you didn’t do seems to matter more.

I say I can give you everything you’ll ever need and indeed I can, but if you glorify what I can’t do, there will never be anything I can give you.

we say that we are perfectly imperfect, we love unconditionally.

but that’s a lie..

we love on conditions.

can I pour you a full glass of wine to take some things off of your mind?

wait, let me not even attempt to, I know it won’t be full and that will just disappoint you.

how it so seems, my journey to you, giving you my thoughtfulness, my ears, my love, my patience, my time, my sincerity and care will be shattered the minute you say “this isn’t a full glass”

It can never be full ! I’ll catch myself saying, “I’m sorry, on my way I spilled it on the floor”

Instead, knowing that mistakes and mishaps are bound to happen, be grateful and feel what that person does for you.

Invert that and send love for those who deserve it.

Too pure to focus on the negative.

I’d like to be a perfectionist, and it saddens me to know I’d never be, we need that someone who can grab you by the hand and say, “it’s okay, I’ll help you clean”.

But for now, don’t ask why we have insecurities, lack self motivation, have anxiety or choose to shut out …

Especially if you are mad that I spilled the wine.

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